New Release of Digital Logic Simulator

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I put in a big effort to incorporate sub-circuits or circuit blocks a while back but didn’t publish the update because I had not tested it very thoroughly. And still I have not but did do nested sub-circuit tests before, and we can’t leave it forever, so I went ahead and updated the exports to Itch.

Before this, I did a quick check and actually found a weird bug. When in the Learning tabbed scene, and you click on the X to close the App it has no effect. Normally this problem is related to the mouse filtering on control nodes being set to ignore. But not in this case.

I created a simple project to simulate the same node tree structure and settings, and it worked OK. But I could not get the notification message of wanting to close the App to propagate beyond the Learn scene in this App. I tried out a few workarounds of my own and searched online for a similar situational solution to no avail.

Finally, I added this code to the tab container scene script to force the quit request:

# Notification not passed to main viewport!
func _notification(what):

Maybe I will realize what the issue is later or somebody will advise me what it is, let’s see.

Anyway, the latest downloads are available here: Digital Logic Simulator

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