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As I mentioned before, I had an idea to install MyBB, and now it is done!

The main content site is statically generated meaning that it consists of HTML files. But MyBB requires a Database and PHP with various features, so that needs some effort to get right. But not a big deal to install that stuff. And set up a separate subdomain for it and place on the server for the files.

Then there is the way to set up user registration with email. This is a big hassle.

You need your admin email and need to test the ability to register a user via email using a temporary email provider.

And I set up SMTP via Mailjet.

With that hassle aside, it is quite straightforward to set up MyBB. The first priority for me was to replace the standard Logo with my own one.

I captured the default logo to get an idea of the regular size and then designed my own one. Then uploaded it to the server and set up the Theme to use that logo.

Then set the forum to use pretty URLs and set up some Categories and Forums. Then, posted a Welcome Thread.

Set up some links from my main site to the Forum.

Posted about it to social media and here we are.

Forum Theme

Unfortunately the default MyBB theme is not responsive and is aimed at Desktop users only. And I get the vibe from the community that Mobile is not well-supported. So maybe I will try to hack my own responsive solution for the Theme or find a suitable available theme, have to see.

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