Truth Tables

Many parts have Truth Tables that specify how the outputs change in response to input patterns. This may be popped up as a window where a checkbox is ticked, and you click on a part. So it shows people how this part functions.

Today, I added an Info button to pop up description text too.

The Truth Table window has a Test button that will test the current circuit against this Truth Table. It is a way in a game to test if the Player has successfully constructed a circuit from gates such as for a Flip-flop.

Before, if you pressed this button it flagged up a warning about missing I/O pins. And because it is not fun to individually add these pins to a circuit, I made the process automatic. Now the tests will run, and it will be clear what the problem is.

People can focus on wiring up the circuit.

I basically anticipated a potentially frustrating experience factor and eliminated it.

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