First Devlog Entry

Well, here we are!

Over the last few days I have been furiously developing the Logic Simulation project. I feel like I am close to an alpha release.

Yesterday I implemented an ALU and Bus input multiplexer.


  • Added sliders to input nodes to set input values
  • Made new wire connections propagate their state because that would be expected behavior but had to account for doing this in reverse too
  • Changed pinout of multiplexer
  • Implemented saving of graph settings with circuits
  • Started creating a memory part — pondered how to load in ROM data
  • Added a Downloads page to this site and added this Devlog section (easy to do with Hugo)


I want to implement some kind of community here. My initial idea is to implement a comments page (not on every content page). I can add a JavaScript “Comment” link to the comments page with a tag of the source page.

The reasoning here is that very few comments will be submitted on a low traffic site such as this per page, and it’s better to condense them down to one community page I think. But need to track the originating topic to add context to the comment.

I like the idea of it using JavaScript so that even spam should not have a negative impact on the site.

The comments should be visible to people that post, and I can transfer the comments to HTML later after moderation. Early thoughts so far.

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