Testing Circuit Blocks

I managed to make every Part that may be used in a sub-circuit work in a circuit block. Along the way I refined some Parts as well.

One big global change was to remove the functionality of driving logic level and bus data in the reverse direction, apart from to the 7-segment display and Loop Bus. This change cuts out a lot of unnecessary complexity from the code. Also, it prevents repetitive bouncing around of bus value updates.

Now I am combining Parts in circuit blocks and finding some issues that are hard to debug. So now I want to implement a logging feature which will allow me to analyze what happened in detail rather than setting breakpoints and stepping through the code. There is just too much to keep track of manually to debug some things.

Many objects have deep structures that are painful to examine in the editor after a breakpoint, hence the idea for the logging system.

Sometimes I find a bug that I am thinking that would not have been found had I not done something unusual. This is kind of scary since it could make it into a released version of code and crop up later and be hard to identify maybe?

There is a weird bug that I have noted but cannot reproduce yet. Sometimes a selected part gets deleted after a file dialog was closed. But at least I am aware of it.

Working on a project like this has various benefits I think, such as:

Best practice ideas:

So the next big thing to create will be the debug/logging system. Until next time …

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