Memory Parts

Today I got the Memory Parts working with Output Enable and R/W inputs to save adding registers to the input and output data busses.

Memory Parts

Also, I improved the memory editor with dynamic resizing of the popup to shrink to fit its contents as modes are changed, got the highlighter to position itself correctly, and moved the value input box to below the main popup.

Memory Editor


Today’s main bug occurred after I used this popup in the main scene. It caused the DELETE key to no longer affect the Graph Nodes. This was due to the use of the _input function in the Memory Manager to capture keystrokes. So I needed to add an _input function to the main scene script in order to capture keystrokes there, and once again be able to delete Graph Nodes.


I think that it is time to re-factor the code since it is getting complicated, and harder to debug. Also, when I add a new part, it often needs features that I didn’t anticipate. So I should create more Classes and have more levels of Inheritance to split the functionality into smaller pieces.

At the same time, I could release what I have now as something that could be used by play testers.

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