Progress Update

Today was about fixing issues that were identified when simulating the simple computer.

Memory Dump

Clearing Expanded Memory

When the Memory size was expanded, the data contained garbage in the expanded data area resulting in long values in the memory data dump, so I added code to make them zeros.

Add Scroll Offset

If you scroll the Graph Area creating an offset, this needs to be taken into account when adding a new part to the scene.

Apply outputs of all parts on load

When loading a saved circuit, the inputs are energized to set the wires up with their starting levels. But, some nets of wires were not affected by this leaving them white. So before stimulating the inputs, I stimulate the outputs of every part from its initial value.

Add presets for inputs

Some parts used in a circuit have input pins that are not needed but, they need to be connected to logic level switches to set them to the required state. To avoid the clutter that this entails, I added an input preset function to the setup code for relevant parts. For example, the LD pin of a Register is preset to a high level and its pin is then red.

Add style to memory popup

The Memory Manager popup window was made atheistically nicer with a styling box added color and rounded corners. The same style was applied to the number entry popup. Before, it was hard to actually see these windows over a circuit.

Flag the need to save after scrolling

Some things do not have a signal to connect to such as switching on/off of the grid. So these will not indicate a change. Scrolling does, so that was taken into account. And the zoom is saved anyway. There is no auto-save feature yet.


So there we are. All the bugs and improvements that I can think of have now been taken care of.

Wow, do I release an Alpha version this weekend?

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