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I took a break from developing the Digital Logic Project since it seems to be at an Alpha release stage ahead of the weekend and I wanted to work on some other things to enhance this website.

It feels a bit strange to publish content with no means for community feedback, so I looked into installing a Discourse Forum. I almost finished doing it after overcoming several obstacles but finally realized that it is better to run that on a dedicated server. Also, I prefer to be able to delve into the code and be able to create my own plugins. So I decided to go with a Forum solution that I have previous experience with called MyBB.


I want to create a plugin to sync a JavaScript comments area below my website posts to topics on the forum where the discussion takes place. I am confident that I can code this with PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL which I am familiar with. But Discourse is another beast that is far too complicated for my liking.

Also, I was anxious to build out the Projects area, so added a tutorial for building Game of Life. I have created this Game before, but did it again from scratch since now I am more experienced with GDScript so could come up with a better solution. But, it took more effort than I anticipated (due to panning and zoom). Even simple Games can be hard to get right.

I look forward to adding more Game Tutorials where I explain the development process.

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