Numbers Tabbed Scene

Now I moved on to creating a set of tabbed scenes for learning about Digital Logic starting with numbers.

Numbers Scene

The main feature here is the number spinner where the user can cycle through the numbers to get an understanding of the concepts of overflow, borrow, and carry for various bit lengths.

When there is an overflow, borrow, or carry event, the number gets highlighted in the background and a message to the right is displayed for 500ms.

It was quite hard to get this working perfectly since when changing the bit lengths, the numbers of labels may change and the size of the containing VBOX container changed or needs to be shrunk down.

Also, adding and removing nodes entailed consideration of timing as to when the tree of nodes was intact and indexing them made sense. In the end I implemented a kind of object pooling; not for efficiency reasons, but to have no problems with weak links to nodes scheduled for deletion.


I’m not sure if or how to create a scene to teach basic math for various number bases.


There needs to be a scene to demonstrate how basic logic works such as OR, AND, NOT, and XOR.

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