In this section of the website I will add links to downloads that I provide and/or to my own games and applications.


This project took me around 6 months to complete. I am very happy with the result but it is kind of shocking how much development effort is involved to complete projects. And I do want to add more audio playback items to it later.

Vinyl Player

Vinyl Record Player Simulator

Digital Logic Simulator

With this you are able to construct circuits from basic components up to programmable systems.

Digital Logic Simulator

Download page: Digital Logic Simulator

Rubik Cube Simulator

Rubik Cube Simulator Rubik Cube Simulator

Digital Logic Puzzles

This is primarily an Android gamified application built with Godot Engine for learning the basics of digital logic with number systems, gates, and logic circuits.

Digital Logic App

Digital Logic Puzzles

It was a spin-off project from my Desktop project for simulating electronic circuits where the complexity of it was spinning out of control. I have since started developing another Desktop circuit simulation project that is working out nicely now that I discovered Graph Nodes to use instead of an auto-router. See below.

I love the idea of creating mobile Apps to use on your own phone. I couldn’t do it easily on my previous iPhone which I was peer-pressured into getting a few years ago and upgrading to the latest model, but finally I escaped into the unlocked freedom of the Android ecosystem where it is easy to transfer files to the phone and have the joy of seeing your own App work on it without much friction.

Map Route Highlighter

Create images of map segments with a highlighted route.

Map Route Highlighter

Map Route Highlighter

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