Chess in Godot

With Chess games there are 2 aspects: the Chess Engine and the Chess Board implementation.

It’s a tough undertaking to code a Chess algorithm, basically AI. These need to examine many move scenarios quickly which normally means that the code should be compiled and not developed in a relatively slow scripting language such as GDScript. In fact, there are examples of Super Computers such as Deep Blue being used for this purpose to challenge Chess grand masters.

Luckily for us, we can leverage open source Chess Engines that we can connect to from a Godot Chess Board program. This is my approach here.

These engines are run as CLI (Command Line Interface) programs that we may communicate with by piping instructions to them and receiving responses back, using for example UCI (Universal Chess Interface) protocol.

So our first task is to start up the Chess Engine and to establish communications with it.

Download a Chess Engine

One of the best seems to be Stock Fish, so let’s download that in the assumption that it will out-perform any attempts that we make at coding our own.

More to follow …

I have previously created a Chess Game in Godot and published the code here: Godot Chess

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