Extracting DC Network Nodes

Since I implemented the loop optimizing code, I realized that I needed to extract nodes that form a network for DC analysis before generating the loops for this.

So I deleted the code that I wrote previously to convert loops to those for DC Analysis which was very simple. It’s actually more complicated when you consider a bunch of interconnected inductors, since we need to merge the nodes that they interconnect with.

I purposely created some unlikely circuits such as inductors in series to test this out.

Here is the code that I came up with:

func get_dc_net_nodes(net_nodes_):
	var regex = RegEx.new()
	var nodes = []
	# Remove capacitors
	for node in net_nodes_:
		for pin in node:
			if pin[0].begins_with("ECap") or pin[0].begins_with("C"):
	# Combine inductor nodes
	var inductor_nodes = {}
	for node in net_nodes_:
		var no_inductor = true
		for pin in node:
			var result = regex.search(pin[0])
			if result:
				if inductor_nodes.keys().has(pin[0]):
					inductor_nodes[pin[0]] = node
				no_inductor = false
		if no_inductor and node.size() > 0:
	# Combine common nodes resulting from the previous operations
	for key in inductor_nodes.keys():
		for k2 in inductor_nodes.keys():
			if k2 != key:
				for pin in inductor_nodes[k2]:
					if pin[0] == key:
						inductor_nodes[key].clear() # Don't replicate these pins
	# Remove inductor pins
	for key in inductor_nodes.keys():
		var pins_to_erase = []
		for k2 in inductor_nodes.keys():
			for pin in inductor_nodes[key]:
				if pin[0] == k2:
		for pin in pins_to_erase:
	# Add non-empty inductor nodes
	for node in inductor_nodes.values():
		if node.size() > 0:
	return nodes

This was tough to code! One of the weird bugs, which is due to a common mistake was where I was deleting elements of an array that was being traversed. You can see where I added pins_to_erase to overcome this problem.

It reduces the original network of nodes down to a network of nodes that applies to the DC state of the circuit. Then we may run this through the loop extraction functions as usual.

Also, now I have made the code open source here: Electronics Simulation with GDScript

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