Godot Code Editors

Godot natively supports GDScript, C#, and C++. The internal programming code editor that comes with the IDE is aimed purely at GDScript editing with syntax highlighting, code completion, and the dock-able windows tailored to the Godot developer experience. Yes, there is also a shader editor and Visual scripting available too, but they are separate tools.

So are there alternative editors available for Godot development?

Let’s examine what alternatives there are with the pros and cons.


This is Microsoft’s open source cross-browser code editor which supports a great many programming languages and environments via extensions. And, there are Godot extensions available for it.

KL said: VSCode sometimes. Mostly due to quick vim bindings and split code view, which Godot 3.x doesn’t have.

IP said: I prefer VSCodium above VSCode. But technically any editor with a language server that is able to connect via Websocket (as Godot doesn’t support stdin) should be usable. I might try to integrate with Codelite or Spyder see if it works, but since I write GDScript, I’m fair enough with inbuilt editor. I might also try VSCode with Tabnine, which might be helpful. I was very excited about Litexl, but it supports only stdin.


DS said: I like using Emacs (Doom Emacs to be more precise). It uses evil-mode thus has vim bindings. It also has mnemonic keybindings for things like buffers, projects, files, etc. The two major reasons I use it:

  1. I like my code on a different screen then the Godot editor
  2. I hardly ever leave my keyboard when typing code.

If you’ve used Spacemacs it’s comparable, but there are some differences.


JetBrains Rider added support for Godot Engine. Specifically the Mono version with support for C# development.

Now JetBrains have Fleet — Public Preview Launch Demo

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