GDScript Tutorials

Godot is a powerful tool to create cross-platform software and GDScript can be used for many different projects including, but not limited to: games, desktop, web based, mobile applications and more!

Here are the first of the GDScript tutorials:

Learning to write code (programming) is not so difficult with GDScript compared with some other programming languages. It was created to be tightly integrated with the editor and optimised for rapid development of Godot games.

The layout and structure of the code is called syntax, and it is simple with GDScript where indented blocks are used rather than braces and commas at end of lines.

As code is entered, there is assistance from the editor where it tries to guess what you want to enter as you type.

Learning a programming language involves learning it's keywords, syntax, and structures. Luckily there are not many things to learn to start writing code, but you will need to gain experience of how to put ideas into practice.

Most problems in coding have been solved many times before, so there are common patterns, and best practices to be aware of. These are algorithms, and design patterns. Then there are philosophical principles to adhere to such as writing "clean code", self-documenting code, and making your code easy to understand by others and by yourself long after initially writing it.

Some skills to acquire are: debugging (figuring out why things don't work as intended), writing robust code that is resistant to errors, keeping things simple with modular design, being organised with backups, and revision history.

So, enjoy always learning new skills, and you will start to be productive very quickly with Godot and GDScript Tutorials.