Notable Godot Assets of interest to programmers

Here, I will feature curated assets that should be of interest to GDScript programmers and coders.

The Godot Asset Library features projects, templates, and demos that may be installed from the Project Manager screen of the Editor.

Also, when inside of the Godot Project Editor, you may download assets that are called Addons that may be installed in your project file structure under an Addons directory. These are called plugins in other frameworks that you may have come across.

And, you may be thinking: why is the store called a Library? Well, it’s due to the need to have all of the code open source and free, hence why the repository is not called the Godot Asset Store.


Gut - Godot Unit Testing

Gut is a unit testing framework that facilitates testing of GDScript code functions and provides a comprehensive report to the output console of the pass/fail status of your unit tests.

GUT unit testing output


Beehave is a simple tree-based AI logic tool to help you to control NPCs in your game.



GDShell provides and in-game command-line console that may be used for debugging or anything else command-line-related.



Shader Function Extras

ShaderFunction-Extras provides Godot developers who are writing custom shaders with high-level functions to assist them.


Dialog System

After a survey of Godot Enine users for a name for this Dialog System, my suggestion of the Japanese word for story teller: Rakugo was chosen.


Rakugo Dialog System