Logic Simulator Update

I implemented a few improvements today:

  • Fixed a regression with the 7-segment display regarding preferencing the chosen color
  • Made the Bit/Mode button respond in a better way for the ALU and Shift Register
  • Made the Bit/Mode button state be saved and loaded correctly

Forum Stuff

I wanted to have a go at developing a responsive Theme for MyBB. Long story short: it is not worth it since MyBB still looks OK on a smaller PC screen, and a Forum doesn’t work well on a Mobile Phone I think.

To set up a test environment I installed MyBB on a domain on my PC under NGINX. I already had the NGINX server available but not MySQL. Turns out that Manjaro only supports a clone of MySQL called Maria which is an improved version.

Then I installed PHPMyAdmin since it is a nice Database admin GUI Tool.

As usual when configuring server stuff, there were plenty of hurdles to overcome, but only a mornings work. Ridiculous stuff that I didn’t see mentioned in the PHPMyAdmin install guide such as where actually is PHPMyAdmin installed on my PC, how to set it up with NGINX server, and even what is its access URL. Then how to set up a temp file location.

The hard thing about debugging server setups is to know what part of the whole contains the bug. Have to follow a step-by-step approach such as:

  • Confirm that index.html is displayed
  • Confirm that index.php is displayed
  • Remember to actually start the server, PHP_FPM, and MySQL
  • View server log files
  • Check the integrity of the server config file (sudo nginx -t)
  • Check the PHP settings in the server config (easy to make a typeo)
  • Enable any PHP extensions that are not currently enabled
  • Check access permissions for files (scratch head, use /tmp)
  • Find out where files are
  • Set up any required symbolic links from the web folder to actual web apps/config files (PHPMyAdmin)

I usually have a feeling of dread when I think about setting up a new server feature since it is bound to not work out of the box.

Love seeing error 404 or 502. Maybe it would be easier to use Docker containers? Then, have proxy redirects to these containers that each runs an image of the individual services from the main server. That would be an awesome topic for a tutorial.

Customization of a MyBB Theme

The process is done in the forum admin area. You create a new Theme as a child Theme of say the Default Theme. Then you edit Template and CSS code in the Admin area and your changes are saved to the Database. So I will bear this in mind should I want to customize the theme in the future.

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